Capture the Nature’s Beauty

30 Dec 2022
Capture the Nature’s Beauty
Posted by: Siddesh
Ready to Capture the Nature’s Beauty? Visit Lachen & Lachung

You must have heard about the GurdongmarLake,Yumthang Valley,ZeroPoint, and various other famous sightseeing spots in Sikkim. Here you will find the best packages to visit such amazing places at a very reasonable cost. At Hillpeaktours, our mission is to make you visit this place in the best way. By providing holiday packages and best tours and travels services in Bagdogra and various other places of Sikkim, we are bridging the gap between travellers and travel destinations. Lachen and Lachung is one of the most amazing place in Sikkim that must be visited if you are planning to travel the north-east India. Here are some of the key elements that you would want to know about this place to add it to your travel list.

About Lachen and Lachung Packages
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This place also offers the most delicious fruits which include apples, apricots, and peaches. The natural river water of the Lachung river falling off the mountain is such a scenic beauty that will definitely mesmerize you in the best way. The orchids of apples also look fabulous and you will just love to see them.If you are fond of shopping, then you must not miss the hand woven blankets, and knitted sweaters which are so cosy and hold beauty, creativity and love of the natives of this place. The local market of this town is full of attractive and hand crafted items to add to the home decor or for various other purposes.
The Yumthang Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in this town which is named as the”Heaven Valley”by the tourists. You can also visit one of the oldest monastery known as the Lachung monastery which is situated at a height of 12000 feet. This place is just so amazing and gives the entire view of the Lachung Valley from the top. One more attraction in Lachen and Lachung is the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary located in the northern region where you will find more than forty species of rhododendron shrubs there that will give you a fabulous experience and fund.
Best Places to Visit in Lachen & Lachung
The major tourist attractions of Lachung include the following places -
Lachung Monastery

Handicraft Centre
However, the two major attractions on which we have our prime attention are the Lanchena_aree_Thangue and Gurdongmar Lake. These are the places which must not be missed any how on your trip to Lachen. The fresh water lake which is one of the highest water bodies across the world situated at an altitude of around 5,210 meters, is also a must-visit place for you in Lachen & Lachung. This lake freezes completely during the winters. You can take a prior permission from the army and visit the Tso Lhsmo Lake as well which is just 5 KM from this place and you can even opt for trekking from Gurdongmar Lake to reach Tso Lhsmo Lake easily. It would definitely be the best and unique experience to travel the Lachen & Lachung of Sikkim which are gradually adding to the most attractive places to visit in India.
Travel is what makes you knowledgeable, explore the world of peace, and provide you immense pleasure that you desire. Lachen and Lachung in Sikkim is among those places which provide you with the inner peace because of the nature’s creative art and beauty that you cherish there. At HillPeak Tours, we provide the best packages in Sikkim to help you experience the nature in the most convenient manner. You must avail our tour and travel services and let your vacation be the most mesmerized than ever.
Sikkim, which is sitting in the lap of the Mother Nature of India has various surprises for the visitors. The small town of Lachung is just another attraction of this amazing state and a must-visit place in India. If you are a nature lover and fond of capturing the real beauty, then you must not miss this out. This small town is located at an elevation of 3000 meters from the sea level at the meeting point of river Lachen and river Lachung which are the two tributaries of the river Teesta in the north-eastern part of Sikkim. It is nearby Gangtok, i.e., the land of monasteries, and can be reached easily by availing the tour and travel services of Hillpeaktours. Whether it be the sightseeing or visiting the nearby shopping places, our tour services will include everything in the package. Our agents and executives are well known of all the renowned places of the Lachung region, and they will assist you in experiencing the best of this beautiful place.
An Overview of Lachung
This small town is located at the footsteps of the Tibet and has some of the highest peaks of Himalayan mountains in its reign. The weather of this place is superbly pleasant and romantic enough and the snow covered mountains will simply ad to its flavour and will just steal your heart. We are sure you will enjoy the most of your holidays at this station as it has something which you cannot find anywhere. It’s uniqueness hidden in its culture and the people who love their live in a pleasurable manner and and simply satisfied with the small happy moments of their lives. They treat their guests like God and this is what most of the visitors love about this place.

Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary
Yumesamdong (Zero Point)