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Bhutan is no ordinary place at all. It is a great Himalayan Kingdom to give a visit. The traditional Buddhist culture was originated here and is still widely embraced by all Bhutanese. This is the only place in the world where chilis are eaten as a main dish and rice is red in color. It is the only place where monks have smart phones which they check after divination, and yetprotect the Buddhist divinations. It has well-educated Bhutanese monks who are the perfect blend of tradition and modernism.

Historical information

Buddhism was bought to Bhutan by a Tibetan King Songsten Gampo, who constructed two Buddhist temples here. He also created the monarchy system here which holds great values till date. The kings hold the ultimate judicial powers, and all citizens’ report to him as a last resort.

The local administration has three districts set up initially by Shabdrung which is now known as Dzongkhags. Each district is headed by a head called Dzongda. Money here is donated to monks on all occasions to perform pious rituals and attain good fortune in life.

Things to do

Bhutan is a must-visit for all adventure loving people. Set amongst the great Himalayan Kingdom, it is a perfect location for all exciting and thrilling activities which include kayaking and rafting, trekking and cycling:

  • 1. Cycling

The mountainous landscape of Bhutan forms the perfect place for off road and on road mountain biking and cycling. It is a challenging ride from smooth journeys to paved roads and rough terrains.The excursion is thrilling and challenging. The riders should have adequate level of fitness and stamina and should be trained in the art of mountain biking to experience the thrill of a ride through the panoramic breathtaking views of the surrounding mountainous terrains.

  • 2. Kayaking and rafting

The crystal clear waters of Bhutan are just perfect for kayaking and rafting. The natural setting and varied river courses with strong currents in area, and gentle flow in another place gives an exciting rafting experience. The best time for kayaking and river rafting is from March to April, and November to December.

  • 3. Trekking

Explore Bhutan like no one else by opting for a trek to experience the pristine lakes, imposing glaciers, and mountainous ranges. The world’s most endangered species await you at the trek of Bhutan.

Places to see

Bhutan offers some of the best tourist attractions which is a must visit and can make memorable memories to stay with you forever. The travel through the mountains, valleys and forests will be etched to your memory forever:

  • 1. Punakha Dzong

This is the most beautiful dzong in Bhutan. It is even regarded the best in the country. In spring seasons the lilac colored jacaranda trees bring brightness and picturesque view to this place. All Bhutan kings have been crowned at this place. It is still the official residence of the monk body.

  • 2. Paro Dzong

It is the highlight of the Bhutanese architecture. It is beautiful and highly artistic. It was formally the meeting point of the National Assembly. Most of the chapels are closed to tourists yet it is a must visit to mesmerise your eyes and appreciate the stunning architecture and views.

  • 3. Thimpu- Trashi Chho Dzong

This splendid dzong lies in the North of the city. It hosts the biggest animal bash and colourful tsechu festival. It gives the city a splendid and monastic view for tourism purposes. This was the lavish site which held the formal coronation of the fifth King in 2008.

  • 4. Kyichu Lhakhang

This is one of the oldest and most beautiful temples of Bhutan. It was popularly believed to be built by King Songsten of Gampo of Tibet and definitely deserves your visit.

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