What To Consider When Booking Car Rental Service in Gangtok?

Going on a Gangtok trip this holiday season? Looking for the safest and easiest way to travel and explore various places during your tour? Booking an affordable car rental service in Gangtok can be the most convenient means of transportation for you. Wondering how to find a car rental company and hire a cab on rent? Check out the handy guide below.

Gangtok is a friendly, bustling hill town and the capital of the state of Sikkim. Situated on the eastern Himalayan range, this popular tourist destination lures travellers from various parts of the world. And, the best way to explore this beautiful hill station is by renting a car from a reputed company. Depending on the size of your group and the comfort level you are seeking, you can book your vehicle accordingly.

Here’re a few aspects you must keep in mind when hiring a cab from a reliable car rental company!

Car Rental Service In Gangtok: 5 Factors To Consider When Booking A Vehicle

  1. Referrals

Ask your friends, neighbours and other acquaintances about the travel company from which you are considering to rent a car. You can even ask them to recommend you companies they had a great experience with when hiring vehicles. Inquire if the company catered to their travel needs, the behaviour of the driver and whether they were satisfied with the service.

  1. Ease Of Booking

Another key consideration you must keep in mind is the car rental procedure of the travel company you are considering to hire. Look for a company which has its presence on the web so that tourists can book cars easily. For example, if you are travelling from Kolkata, look for a company which offers the option to book car rental service in Gangtok by using the web portal. This way, you can book a vehicle for your trip easily.

  1. Rental Prices

Car rental prices vary with the comforts included in the vehicle and the size of the vehicle. For example, the rent of an AC car is much more than that of a non-AC car. Usually, the rate is calculated on the basis of per kilometre and may even have limitation in the number of kilometres and hours used per day. You may even have a limitation in the number of kilometres and hours to be used per day.

  1. Online Reviews

Visit various travel websites and read the reviews of tourists who booked cars from the company you are considering. Go through the reviews very carefully to get a clear picture of what it is like to seek the services of various companies. Ensure you choose a company which enjoys positive reviews for providing car rental services.

  1. Documentation

Ensure that the vehicle the tour and travel company provides has complete papers so that you do not end up inviting problems while you are on the way to your destination. Look for a reputed car rental service provider so that you can be assured of travelling with complete papers. Remember; when a car gets caught by the police, it can get impounded, leaving you and your group stranded on the road.

So what are you still here for? It’s time to book a reliable car rental service!